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Key Recommendations for Selecting Centrifugal Fan Reference

Jun 22, 2018

Because of the different uses, the product types of centrifugal fans are also varied. We cannot simply rely on price to make comparative selection in the process of selection. But according to different use environment and application industry to carry on the comparison in many aspects, thus select the suitable fan.

If the pressure grade is different, the centrifugal fan can be divided into three categories: high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure, in which the wind pressure of high pressure centrifugal fan will be greater than 3 000 pa. and the air pressure of medium pressure centrifugal fan is between 1000pa and 3000pa. Low pressure is less than 1000 pa. it can be used in industries with different pressure requirements.

At the same time, different pressure centrifugal fan, power consumption is also different, in the selection of horizontal and vertical combination to consider. In addition, the safety factor of centrifugal fan is also an important reference index. In general, by calculating the air output, pressure and some errors and losses of the fan, a safety factor of 1.05-1.1 and 1.1-1.15 is generally selected. If the safety factor is too large, the fan will run in the low efficiency area for a long time, resulting in the waste of energy and the increase of energy consumption. If the safety factor is too small, it will increase the safety hidden danger in the use of the fan, and will easily cause the production accident and harm oneself.


The size and weight of the equipment are also included in the selection of centrifugal fans. Due to different uses, the location of the installation fan is also different. The choice needs to be made according to the actual use of the fan, in the case of the same size, the fan with high efficiency and light weight, and the fan with smaller size and light weight when the efficiency is the same, and in the same case, The larger the adjustable range, the more suitable the fan is.

Generally, centrifugal fan is not a one-time investment, after purchase will be used in the production and processing process for a long time. Therefore, we must not only focus on the current price and quality, but also consider the long-term economic operation effect, and the brand's word of mouth and later maintenance costs should also be taken into account. It is the most important to choose the centrifugal fan suitable for yourself through comprehensive comparison.