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Long-term stable Operation and Seal of centrifugal Fan

Apr 19, 2019

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of centrifugal fan in the working process, it is necessary to examine and repair the centrifugal fan according to its usage, usually, in the process of using centrifugal fan equipment, Staff shall ensure that minor repairs are carried out every three to six months. Repair the equipment every 12 to 24 months, that is, targeted repair. Overhaul the equipment every 24 -48 months.

1 Check, clean all bearings, replace bearing grease or lubricating oil, mark normal oil level, lowest, highest oil level.

2 Check the sealing condition of each department and clean up the internal dirt.

3 Check for cracks, rust, abrasion, screw loosening and other conditions of the blade air and six baffle plates and the guide plate, etc.,

4 Check couplings and their shields and replace worn rubber elastomers.


Centrifugal fan should carefully check whether the fastening bolts of centrifugal fan equipment are in good condition, plug the air leakage in time, and repair the insulation material. At the same time also check, repair and adjust the air door, to ensure its flexibility, correct instructions. Finally, the cooling water system needs to be inspected and repaired.www.jnblower.com