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Low noise axial flow fan bearing selection and how to work at the same time?

Nov 01, 2017

1 Fan exhaust and air supply, if it is axial fan, then is it corotation for the air supply, then reverse for the exhaust?

Fan of the ventilation and air supply, if the fan is the axial fan, its forward rotation is for the air, then its reverse, in theory, for the ventilation is correct. However, from the axial fan itself performance and other aspects of the point of view, this one is more suitable for ventilation, not suitable for air supply. So in the actual operation process, there will be some difficulties.

2 Why coal use high-power axial flow fan is more appropriate? In addition, the low noise axial flow fan, sliding bearings or rolling bearings should be used?

In the coal mine using high power axial fan, the specific reason is because this kind of axial fan, the wind is linear, and the wind force and power is large, so it is very useful in the coal mine. The low noise axial flow fan should choose the sliding bearing, not rolling bearing. Because the sliding bearing is suitable for low speed and high torque components, the rolling bearing is for high speed and low torque components.

3 How to achieve three 220V axial fans to work at the same time?

If you want three 220V axial fans to work at the same time, and to work properly, the specific operation is: because the three fan operating voltage is the same, so the fan and transformer can be directly connected to the same plug, the total power control below 2000W, you can achieve.