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Main structure and rotation requirement of centrifugal fan for boiler

Mar 11, 2019

When the impeller of the centrifugal fan of the boiler is driven to rotate by the motor, the gas filled between the blades can rotate with the impeller, and under the action of the centrifugal force, the gas is thrown out from the inter-blade channel, and the gas is sent out from the outlet of the impeller. When the flow of the gas causes a vacuum in the form of the impeller space, the outside air will automatically enter the impeller. Due to the continuous operation of the fan, the gas is drawn into the press-out to form a continuous flow of the gas, thereby forming a continuous operation.


Main structure of centrifugal fan for boiler

Impeller: generate pressure head and transfer energy.

Housing: collect the gas from the impeller to the outlet, and convert part of the kinetic energy of the airflow into pressure energy.

Inlet regulating air door: adjust the output of the regulator to isolate the equipment from the system. (also known as diversion, some use frequency conversion technology, hydraulic couple and adjustable output, etc.)

Large shafts: transferring torque

Bearing: bear the radial axial load of the rotor and limit the radial axial movement position of the rotor.

Backwheel: connecting the motor and transmitting the power of the shaft.

Collector: in the case of minimal loss, make the air flow evenly filled with the inlet section of the impeller.www.jnblower.com