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Maintenance and repair of high pressure centrifugal fan

Nov 14, 2020

Maintenance and repair of high-pressure centrifugal fan:

1. The high-pressure centrifugal fan is not overweight, and each lubricating position meets the requirements. Pay attention to the quality of the grease and the frequency of replacement.

2. Listen to the fan frequently or on time, and shut it down immediately to check whether there is internal impact or friction caused by damage or movement of the bearing or transmission gear.

3. The foundation of the bearing part of the high-pressure centrifugal fan will not change. If necessary, replace the sealing gaskets on the front, rear, left, and right bearings to solve the problem.

Under normal circumstances, the impeller tunneling face is not allowed to be filed to prevent damage to the fan characteristics.

4. Pay attention to the following issues when the fan is operating: air volume, oil, bearing grease, motor current, working voltage, noise, vibration, temperature, transmission belt, belt pulley, etc.

5. If the high-pressure centrifugal fan makes noise, first check the external equipment of the fan, such as part of the transmission belt, working pressure of the exhaust pipe, foot screws, oil, lubricating grease of part of the bearing, and parts of the pipe.

If there is no abnormality in the external inspection, remove the muffler at the air inlet, and check whether the impeller hits or is damaged.

6. Insufficient exhaust air volume: it may be caused by pipeline leakage, air intake silencer blockage, deviation of transmission belt, valve leakage, gate valve closed, water level rise, negative pipeline, etc.

7. Over-temperature of high-pressure centrifugal fan: It may be that the working pressure of the exhaust pipe is too high, the muffler of the air inlet is blocked, and the working temperature of the fan is too high.

8. Oil leakage: there will be too much oil.

9. When the centrifugal fan cooling fan is connected to the power supply, the cooling fan does not rotate. If the movable pulley can move for a full week, check the motor and switching power supply.

10. There is noise when the high-pressure centrifugal fan is connected to the power source. If the belt pulley cannot be moved by force, check whether the impeller on the inner wall of the fan is very dirty or has dirt or the bearing is damaged.

Fans belong to a kind of drive power machinery, which is called steam reduction and steam delivery equipment. Generally include fans, fans and fans.

The principle is to convert the kinetic energy of rotating machinery into air pressure energy and mechanical energy, and transport the vapor out. In addition to the traditional main purpose, the cooling fan is developing towards a large sales market.