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Maintenance of High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

Sep 01, 2020

Maintenance and repair of high-pressure centrifugal fan is also one of its basic knowledge. Moreover, this one has not yet been interpreted. Therefore, according to this reason, the following uses some time to carry out the interpretation of the key points of this professional knowledge, so that everyone can clearly understand, and then to understand and master this kind of centrifugal fan.

1. Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment of high pressure centrifugal fan

(1)Check the route and components, whether the route is loose, whether the components have heating phenomenon.

(2)Check the instrument equipment, its display information is not all normal.

(3)Check the lubrication of motor bearings, its moisturizing is good and timely.

(4)The insulation performance of centrifugal fan and its posture maintenance are checked whether the insulation is good, and whether the posture maintenance is reliable.

2.Frequently Asked Questions on Maintenance Safety

(1)To carry out the maintenance and repair work of high pressure centrifugal fan, some necessary safety precautions and safeguard measures should be done to ensure safety.

(2)In the whole process of its work, irrelevant staff can not enter the work on the spot.

(3)In the event of an exception, the actual operation should be terminated first, not delayed.