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Maintenance of industrial fan motors

Jun 02, 2020

1 Clean the motor, remove the dust and oil sludge from the outside of the industrial ceiling fan motor seat in time. If there is more dust, it is best to clean it once a day.

2 Check and clean motor wiring terminal, check junction box wiring screw loose, burn.

3 Check the screws of each fixed part to see if there is loosening, if found loose, immediately tighten the loose nut.

4 Check industrial ceiling fan transmission, pulley or coupling for damage, installation is firm, belt and its coupling buckle is intact.

5 The starting equipment of the motor should also clean the external dust and dirt in time, wipe the contact, check whether there are burn marks in each connection part, and whether the ground wire is good.

6 bearing inspection and maintenance. The bearings should be cleaned and replaced with grease or lubricating oil after a period of use.