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Maintenance of lubrication system for centrifugal fans

May 01, 2020

As we all know, the power of the lubrication system of centrifugal fan mainly comes from the oil storage tank in the tank, so the oil storage quantity of centrifugal fan is important. Some users are not concerned about this, if the centrifugal fan oil storage is exhausted, the parts will also be excessive consumption. So in daily use, we have to build up the reserve of the factory frequently. must not be lower than the scale requirements, when the amount of oil should be filled in time. Oil as a common material for centrifugal fan maintenance, oil quality should also be paid attention to, can not contact with moisture. Cleaning filter is a commonly used cleaning equipment, if it is found that the dripping nozzle is dirty, the bolt can be removed to clean, when cleaning the air filter, twist the nut, take the lid, clean the filter sponge. this just make the filter clean. Parts in normal use, will appear aging, wear, so in the inspection, to replace those aging parts in time, aging parts too much use will cause a lot of trouble.