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Matters needing attention and installation requirements for installation of Boiler centrifugal Fan

Oct 15, 2018

After the installation of the boiler centrifugal fan, the rotor can be effectively moved by hand or lever, and the phenomenon of whether there is too tight or a touch check can be checked effectively, and only when there is no such phenomenon can it be tested. When the outlet is installed at a certain angle, the rear disc can be rotated properly to keep the plate in horizontal position, in which the flange face of 8 / 12 angle steel should be kept horizontal.

When a boiler centrifugal fan is installed, the weight of its gas transmission pipe should not be added to the casing, the clearance size between the inlet and the impeller should be adjusted according to the drawing, and the horizontal position of the shaft should be maintained. When installing the inlet pipe, the bolt connection of the inlet itself can be used directly, and the inlet is fixed by three countersunk head screws. After the motor is installed, install belt pulley or coupling guard, such as air inlet not connected to the intake duct, also need to add protective net or other safety devices (user-owned). Other parts are installed according to pattern.


What should be paid attention to during the installation of Boiler centrifugal Fan

1. Check the casing and other housing interior, should not fall into the remaining tools and debris.

2. When connecting the joint bolt, if there is a positioning pin should be on the pin, and then tighten the bolt.

3. On some joints, grease or mechanical oil should be applied to prevent rust and reduce disassembly difficulties.