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Matters needing attention in daily operation of dust-removing fan

Mar 20, 2019

1 Before opening dust removal fan, check each connection screw, must not have loose, otherwise, tighten it.

2 Check if the fan bearing oil is in the specified position and adjust it to the prescribed scale.

3 Close fan inlet control valve.

4 The starting time program control equipment closes the corresponding control program switch, presses the time program control start button, the time program running indicator lights on, the time program controller starts to run according to the program.

5 Close the power switch of the air compressor, the air compressor begins to run, observe the operation state of the air compressor, the air compressor should run smoothly, no abnormal noise.

6 After the power of the time program controller is turned on, the corresponding temperature control table shall be observed to be indicated.

7 After the fan is running normally, gradually open the fan inlet valve, control the fan current within the rated current range of the motor, gradually open the fan inlet valve with the increase of the thermometer temperature, observe the ammeter, it should be within the rated current range of the motor.

8 Start the encryptor button, encrypting the electrical current meter should be corresponding to the current indication.

9 Observe whether the pneumatic components are running according to the program requirements, and do not have the phenomenon of random movement and stuck-up.

10 Make good equipment operation records, once an hour, do a good job to leave a message to the next shift to pay attention to the staff.www.jnblower.com