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Matters needing attention in operation of centrifugal fan in power station and requirements of test machine

Aug 07, 2018

The heating and drying of centrifugal fan in power station should be carried out in clean air. Before drying, all parts of the motor should be cleaned by compressed air. It is necessary to avoid direct drying with electric current through the coil to avoid insulation breakdown. If copper loss method is to be used, hot air drying method should be used first, and only after a certain time (depending on the specific situation) can the power supply be connected to the power source.

Alcohol thermometer should be used during heating of centrifugal fan in power station. If its mercury thermometer is used to prevent mercury from flowing into iron core or coil to cause damage, when iron loss method is dry, Mercury thermometers are not allowed to be used by centrifugal fan manufacturers. The temperature rises slowly when drying.

In the early drying period of centrifugal fan motor in power station, due to the heating of winding, the evaporation of water out, the decrease of insulation resistance, and then rising gradually, the rising speed becomes slower and more stable, and at constant temperature, When the insulation resistance value remains above 3 h, the dry work will be finished.

When testing the centrifugal fan, it is necessary to read the product instructions carefully, check whether the wiring method is in accordance with the wiring diagram, check whether the voltage supplied to the fan meets the requirements, and whether the power supply is lacking in phase or in the same phase. Whether the capacity of the distribution components meets the requirements. http://www.jnblower.com/