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Method of operation for adding seal to the position of centrifugal fan housing and drive shaft

Feb 27, 2018

When the centrifugal fan is in the design or manufacturing stage , since there is no special requirement for the seal , most of the casing and drive shaft of the centrifugal fan are not sealed . However , when such a centrifugal fan is put into operation , it will be found that no sealing will bring great effect to the operation. How can the centrifugal fan be quickly installed and sealed ?

The centrifugal fan in the operating state, whether it is housing or the drive shaft is negative, so even if no seal can not leak out of gas. But after the wind machine is put into operation, because the pipe network transformation, resistance change, medium change and other reasons, will lead to a shaft hole of the need to increase the seal, to prevent gas leakage.

At present, there are two ways to add seal for centrifugal fan, one is to disassemble its casing and remove impeller, moving transmission group. Then install a new packing seal or mechanical seal. The advantage of this method is that the added seal type is optional, but it is heavy work and time consuming.

The other is to install a simple packing seal without any removal of the centrifugal fan. The packing seal consists of one piece of packing and two compression parts. Two four semicircular workpieces are formed. When installed, the two workpieces marked with the words "housing" are first placed on the shaft, and the groove is welded to a ring in the direction of the bearing box.

The two semicircular workpiece then will not mark on the casing is also sheathed on the drive shaft, the same will toward the direction of the welding groove casing into a ring. In this way, the transmission shaft passes through the two ring groove and relative. Secondly, the words will be marked with a shell ring welded in the casing, pay attention to equal circular gap with the drive shaft ring. In addition to the bolt six head two clamping pieces are respectively welded on the casing of the centrifugal fan, the pressing piece end can be pressure on the ring.

After the completion of a packing ring winding in the clipping groove, screw pressing member, one end of the pressing ring, so that a simple packing is installed successfully. Of course, this approach has limitations, that is to use a centrifugal fan that does not require high sealing requirements.http://www.jnblower.com/