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Method of replacing bolts with industrial fans

Jun 08, 2020

1 Use of force rods

The steel pipe is used as the reinforcing rod, and the wrench is put inside when it is used to increase the force arm. It is necessary to use the thick cloth to wrap the steel pipe in the process of use, so as to prevent the slippage of the reinforcing rod due to the smooth wall of the steel pipe, resulting in damage to personnel and equipment.

2 Use of angle grinder

Use angle grinder to polish and cut rust bolts, but need to pay attention to the maintenance personnel stand on the ladder when using angle grinder safety protection.

3 Use bolt crusher

There are special bolt crusher in the market, which can easily break the bolt.

4 Use of saw bows

The use of a saw bow to break the bolt is particularly time-consuming, only in the field without the above three tools and power failure time long enough to use.