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Motor Power and operating current of centrifugal Fan for plastic Machinery

Jan 10, 2019

The number of people in the plastic machinery centrifugal fan is not less than two during the test run. To a certain extent, one person controls the power supply, one person observes the fan operation, finds the abnormal phenomenon and immediately stops to check. First of all, it checks whether the rotation direction is correct or not. When the centrifugal fan starts to operate, it should immediately check whether the running current of each phase is balanced or not, whether the current exceeds the rated current; If there is an abnormal phenomenon, should stop checking. After five minutes of operation, stop to check if the fan is abnormal and confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon before starting the machine.

When the centrifugal fan of plastic machinery reaches its normal speed, it should measure whether the input current of the fan is normal or not. The operating current of the centrifugal fan should not exceed its rated current, if the operating current exceeds its rated current, Check that the supply voltage is normal.

The motor power required by plastic machinery centrifugal fan means that under certain working conditions, when the centrifugal fan and fan box are fully opened, the power required by the inlet is greater. If the inlet is fully open for operation, the motor is in danger of damage. It is best to close the valve on the inlet or outlet pipeline of the fan when the fan is running, and gradually open the valve after operation, and pay attention to whether the running current of the fan exceeds the rated current.www.jnblower.com