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Motor power of air-conditioning fan and inspection requirements

Mar 22, 2019

When the air-conditioning fan reaches its normal speed in the course of operation, it is necessary to measure whether the input current of the fan is normal or not, the current of its equipment cannot exceed its rated current when it is running, if the running current exceeds its rated current, The supply voltage should be checked for normal.


The motor power required by the air-conditioning fan means that the power required for the centrifugal fan and the air case when the inlet is fully open is larger under a certain working condition. If the inlet is fully open for operation, the motor is in danger of damage. It is best to close the valve on the fan inlet or outlet pipe when the fan is tested, then gradually open the valve after running, and pay attention to whether the running current of the fan exceeds the rated current or not.


When the main shaft and the bearing bush of the air-conditioning fan are assembled, the operation shall be checked in accordance with the provisions of the technical documents of the equipment, and the bearing cover and the bearing bush shall maintain an interference of 0.03-0.04 mm (measuring the outer diameter of the bearing bush and the inner diameter of the bearing seat). When the fan casing is assembled, the position of the positive casing shall be found in the axial line of the rotor and the axial and radial clearance between the air inlet of the impeller and the air inlet of the casing shall be high to the scope specified in the technical documents of the equipment, and the anchor bolts shall be checked for fastening.www.jnblower.com