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New technology and energy saving requirements for air conditioning fans

Jan 29, 2019

The air-conditioning fan is a new type of energy-saving, high-efficiency, variable-speed, low-noise centrifugal fan when it is used. The fan is compact, easy to install, small in size, large in air volume, high in pressure, low in vibration, and suitable for use. Three-phase voltage regulator or inverter can be implemented


Stepless speed regulation is especially suitable for ventilation and ventilation places with strict noise requirements and large air volume variation. It is an ideal accessory product for air conditioners and purification industries.


New technology for air conditioning fans

1. Ventilation function of air-conditioning fan: Through the treatment of indoor and outdoor air during use, it can ensure that the indoor air is renewed, fresh and natural.

2. Air-conditioning fans increase the indoor active oxygen and negative ion fans through special facilities during use, which is beneficial to human health.

3. Adopt frequency conversion energy-saving system to minimize power consumption.