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Noise Solutions for Industrial Fans

Jun 03, 2020

1 After long-term operation of the industrial fan, the lack of lubricating oil inside the bearing caused noise, only need to drop the lubricating oil to solve.

2 At present, some industrial fan manufacturers in the market in order to save costs, fan blades using cheap materials, and manufacturing technology is not up to standard, there is a "eccentric" phenomenon, fan operation for a period of time ," eccentric "more and more serious, slowly there will be noise, this requires enterprises to buy industrial fans when their own resolution.

3 During the long-term operation of the fan, the shock absorber pad between the fan blade and the petiole was worn out and the gap made noise.

4 The higher the voltage of the industrial fan, the higher its rotational speed, the greater the vibration, and the greater the noise produced. The part design that constitutes the fan will also affect the noise degree. It is only necessary to consider the size of the winding core, the design of the fan blade and the outer frame, and the precise manufacture and balance.