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Normal operation and compact structure of air-conditioning fan

Apr 18, 2019

After opening the air-conditioning fan box, check effectively whether the fan parts are damaged or deformed, the connecting parts are loose, if so, please correct them in time. Place a rubber strip or sealant on the prefabricated mounting base and lift the fan to the mounting base. Do not tap the bottom corner bolt to match the mouth. After tightening, tighten with bolts.

Lift fans of air-conditioning fans must use hook locks to secure fans, and hooks are not allowed to be used to construct hood edges. The main body of the fan shall first be installed on the foundation, then the windshield shall be installed on the main body of the fan, and waterproof sealant shall be required on the connecting flange.

Air conditioning fan axial flow if the pipe, centrifugal inlet, the application of soft connection and the fan does not bear the weight of the pipe. When the installation is complete, turn on the power supply to test the operation and check the fan for normal operation.

The air-conditioning fan is compact in structure, convenient in installation, small in volume, large in air volume, high in pressure and small in vibration, equipped with three-phase voltage regulator or frequency converter. It can carry out stepless speed regulation, especially suitable for ventilation and air exchange places with strict noise requirements and wide range of air volume changes. It is an ideal supporting product for air conditioning, purification and other industries.www.jnblower.com