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Operation and High Speed rotation of centrifugal Fan in Power Station

May 22, 2019

According to the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy, the high speed rotating impeller is used to accelerate the gas, then decelerate and change the flow direction, so that the kinetic energy can be converted into potential energy (pressure). In a single-stage centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction, and then changes into a radial direction when the gas flows through the impeller, and then enters the diffuser. In the diffuser, the gas changes the flow direction and the cross section area of the pipeline increases and slows down the airflow, which converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. The pressure increase mainly occurs in the impeller, followed by the expansion process. In a multi-stage centrifugal fan, that air flow is brought into the next impeller with a reflux device to produce a higher pressure.


The working principle of centrifugal fan in power station is basically the same as that of turbine compressor, all of which are due to the low gas flow rate and little change of pressure, which generally does not need to consider the change of gas specific volume, that is to say, gas is treated as incompressible fluid.


The centrifugal fan of the power station can be made of both right and left-handed versions. From one side of the motor, the impeller is rotated clockwise, referred to as the right rotary fan, and the impeller is rotated counterclockwise, known as the left rotating fan.


When the centrifugal fan of the power station is tested, the number of people is not less than two, one controls the power supply, one observes the operation of the fan, and finds that the abnormal phenomenon stops immediately to check; first, check whether the rotation direction is correct; After the centrifugal fan starts running, it should immediately check whether the operating current of each phase is balanced and whether the current exceeds the rated current; if there is an abnormal phenomenon, it should stop and check. After five minutes of operation, stop and check if the fan has abnormal phenomena, confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and start up again. www.jnblower.com