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Operation Inspection and debugging method of Axial Fan

Jul 09, 2019

After the axial flow fan is installed, the flexibility of fan rotation should be checked before starting, and whether there is shell friction phenomenon when the blade is moved by hand. Check if there are any leftovers and other sundries in the fan and adjacent pipes. Check that the air door in the pipe is open and the personnel should stay away from the fan.

At the time of operation, the axial flow fan mainly monitors the current of the motor, the current is not the mark of the fan load, and is also a prediction of some abnormal changes. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the vibration of the motor and the fan is normal and whether there is friction or abnormal sound. The fans running in parallel shall be aware of the operation of the fan in the surge condition. In normal operation, in case of the following circumstances, the shutdown detection shall be carried out.

1. The axial fan produces strong vibration or rubbing sound.

2. The motor current suddenly rises and exceeds the rated current of the motor.

3. The temperature of motor bearing rises sharply.www.jnblower.com