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Operation Inspection of Axial flow Fan

Jul 18, 2018

After the axial flow fan is installed, its equipment needs to check the flexible setting of its fan rotation effectively before starting, and whether there is clamping friction phenomenon when the blade can be fluctuated by hand during operation, Effectively check the fan and adjacent pipes for anything and other debris left in the duct to see if the tuyere is open.

After starting the fan, the axial flow fan needs to check to some extent whether the blade steering of the fan is in accordance with the rotating marking mark. After the inspection has passed, the test operation will stop after 10-30 minutes to check whether the blade is loose or not. Vibration absorber and base connection bolts are loose, after all normal, before formally started, put into operation.

The axial flow fan is driven mainly by its motor in the process of operation. In fact, any equipment is the same, so it is necessary to have a similar "engine" if you want to run. In selecting the motor of the axial fan, it is always hoped that the motor can drive the impeller quickly to the rated speed and work normally. The starting of the motor includes the whole process of starting and accelerating. The starting mode is divided into full pressure starting and decompression starting.