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Operation principle and effect characteristics of Multi-wing centrifugal Fan

May 09, 2018

The multi-wing centrifugal fan is a kind of fan equipment developed from the original foundation. It is a kind of machinery that can improve the gas pressure and deliver the gas side by side depending on the input machinery, of course. Multi-wing centrifugal fan can also be seen as a fluid driven machinery.

The operating principle of the multi-wing centrifugal fan is fundamentally the same as that of the turbine compression machine. It is only because the gas flow rate is relatively low and the pressure is not changed much, it is generally not necessary to consider the change of the specific volume of the gas. Just treat the gas as a non-compact fluid.

The multi-wing centrifugal fan can be made into two different types, right-handed and left-handed. If the impeller rotates clockwise from the side of the motor, it is the right-handed centrifugal fan, and the counterclockwise one is the left-handed centrifugal fan. They apply to different industries.

At present, multi wing centrifugal fans are widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings, ventilation, exhaust and cooling; ventilation and ventilation of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning and household appliances; drying and selection of valleys; wind tunnel and air hovercraft inflating. And push and so on.

The multi-wing centrifugal fan is essentially a constant pressure equipment with variable flow rate. The pressure-flow theoretical curve of the centrifugal fan should be a straight line when rotating speed and conservation time, but the practical characteristic curve is tortuous because of the internal loss. The pressure in multi-wing centrifugal fan is greatly affected by the change of inlet temperature or density, and the pressure is the lowest when a given intake rate and the maximum intake temperature are given.

For a given pressure and flow characteristic curve of a multi-wing centrifugal fan, there is a power and flow characteristic curve. When the fan is running at a constant speed for a given flow rate, the required power increases with the decrease of the inlet air temperature. This is the special working mode of multi-wing centrifugal fan, and because of this, it can play a better role in the application of ventilation and exhaust.http://www.jnblower.com/