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Positive pressure Gas cooling structure of plug-in High temperature centrifugal Fan

Mar 23, 2019

Plug-in high temperature centrifugal fan is an important equipment for metal smelting, glass products, non-ferrous metal processing and other industries used in furnace and kiln pipe heat exchange, improve the uniformity of temperature, improve the quality of heat treatment products. In the course of operation, the impeller of the fan is inserted into the pipeline, and the high temperature gas is easily transferred to the power transmission part by the air flow conduction and the connecting part of the fan's own rotating shaft. Therefore, how to isolate the heat conduction of the high temperature fan is the key to ensure the normal operation of the high temperature fan.


The existing technology mainly uses insulation layer to isolate the impeller part of the high temperature centrifugal fan and the motor, and the power transmission part. However, because the rotor shaft of the impeller is connected with the power transmission part, its heat transfer can transfer the heat to the power transmission part. At the same time, due to the action of the impeller, the high temperature and high pressure hot wind will also enter into the power transmission part from the slot of the rotor shaft.


In order to solve the problems existing in the heat insulation mode and heat dissipation structure of the high temperature centrifuge in the existing technology, a positive pressure air cooling structure of the plug-in high temperature centrifugal fan is provided. Including impeller, water cooling device, rotating shaft, heat insulation cylinder, bearing seat, motor, pulley, bearing box, inflatable joint, water cooling joint, refractory fiber cotton, sealing ring, etc.


The belt drive, rotating shaft, bearing seat and water cooling device are located in the bearing box body, the rotor shaft is connected with the impeller through the inner diameter hole of the insulation cylinder, the other end is connected with the pulley, and the outer part of the bearing box is the heat insulation cylinder. The insulating cylinder is lined with refractory fiber cotton and has a sealing ring in the shaft hole of the insulating cylinder, the sealing ring traps the heat in the high temperature zone on the rotating shaft, the inflatable joint is installed on the bearing box body, and the positive pressure is provided by inflating into the bearing box. The air flow through the clearance between the shaft and the cylinder to cool the bearing, the shaft, and further air-cooled isolation of the heat at the high temperature area of the impeller.www.jnblower.com