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Power-saving methods for industrial fans

Jun 09, 2020

Due to the rapid development of the fan industry, technical barriers are not high, the market products are uneven. Therefore, we should choose products of excellent quality.

When the industrial big fan is in use, the fan is best placed next to the door and window, which is convenient for air circulation, improves the cooling effect and shortens the use time, so can better reduce the power consumption. As far as the use of the fan itself is concerned, the power of the fan with large fan blades is generally large, and the electricity consumption of the fan is proportional to the speed of the fan blades.          Therefore, it can reduce the power consumption of the fan by opening the fast gear first, cooling down and using more slow gear. In the case of air volume to meet the requirements of use, try to use medium or slow gear.

Since industrial fans can directly convert electric energy into kinetic energy, and the power consumption is very low, the industrial fans are used together with air conditioners, and the air conditioning temperature is set at 26℃~28℃, which saves electricity and money.