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Precautions before operation of centrifugal fan box

Aug 05, 2020

1. Before the trial operation of the centrifugal fan box, we should carefully read the product manual of the article to check whether the wiring is in accordance with the wiring method; to check whether the working frequency of the switching power supply of the centrifugal fan is in accordance with the regulations, whether the switching power supply is broken or the same phase difference.

2. If you find out the abnormal situation, you should shut down the machine immediately. If you find out the abnormal situation, you should turn off the machine immediately.

3. Centrifugal fan box commissioning operation to start the low-speed gear, check whether the rotation direction is appropriate. Start high speed after static immobility, detect rotation orientation is appropriate. Do not run at low speed without stopping the fan blade to start high speed, if that is very easy to cause flip, resulting in centrifugal fan box damage.

Therefore, the appropriate debugging method will ensure that the centrifugal fan box in the future application more stable, the actual effect is stronger, so please strictly according to the instructions and industry specifications to carry out the commissioning of centrifugal fan box.