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Precautions for cooling with industrial fans

May 29, 2020

Because of the excellent ventilation and cooling effect of industrial electric fans, it is widely used in manufacturing industry. But because the industrial electric fan volume is relatively large, and the industrial electric fan in operation when the speed is very fast if there is an object accidentally touched, will produce the mechanical injury, therefore must do well the safety protection measure. In particular, the use of industrial fans for ventilation cooling workshop should pay attention to the following aspects of safety matters:

1 Avoid leakage of electricity

2 Be careful to install protective net cover and avoid illegal operation

3 Take care to prevent accidental fall of fans or blades through multiple safety measures

The above three points are the safety precautions of industrial electric fans. If the industrial electric fans loose and leakage of electricity and other phenomena, then should immediately turn off the fan and report to the relevant institutions for repair, if someone accidentally electrocuted, then must immediately turn off the power supply, and then take measures to rescue, at the same time to protect the accident site.