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Preparation of centrifugal Fan Unit before trial Operation

Jul 08, 2019

The purpose of the trial operation of the unit is to examine and adjust the technical performance of the unit, to check the quality of installation, to eliminate defects, and to ensure the stable and reliable operation after commissioning.

Before the trial operation of the unit, the flushing and debugging of the lubricating oil system and the trial operation of the motor should be completed first.

The test run of the motor is mainly to check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and the general mechanical properties of the motor.

Preparation before trial operation of the unit:

1Check the connection of oil, water and gas system pipes, whether the use conditions have been met, and whether the pipes have been cleaned up.

2 Check the opening condition of the valve, whether the sensitivity of the instrument is qualified, especially the low oil pressure alarm, the low interlock and the bearing temperature high alarm, the high-high interlock, and the shaft displacement display, which is the key to the safe running-in.

3 The disk rotor should have no contact sound, and the coupling and its protective cover should be connected in place.

4The inlet throttle valve should be opened to a convenient starting position, opening the emptying valve and bypass valve.

5 For the blower with floating ring seal, the floating ring seat and inner and outer floating ring shall be taken out when the air is used for trial operation, and the pre-prepared comb-tooth type test run seal shall be replaced.

6 The cooling water of the gas cooler shall be opened first, and the cooling water of the oil cooler shall not be opened during startup, and it shall be determined by the oil supply temperature after startup.www.jnblower.com