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Proper cleaning method of internal dust in centrifugal fan

Apr 08, 2019

Customers who have used centrifugal fans know that the fan will slowly accumulate a large amount of dust over a long period of time, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, there will be vibration when the centrifugal fan accumulates a large amount of dust. So customers in the purchase of centrifugal fan should consider whether to open cleaning window, cleaning window is convenient to maintain and clean dust.

For the inside of centrifugal fan, do not wipe with wet cloth when cleaning. If water falls into the equipment, it will be adversely affected. So clean cotton cloth for wipe, cotton cloth slightly wet to wipe the whirlpool pump clean. When cleaning the oil wall outside the cooling pipe, do not use acid and alkali, use hot water to ensure that the oil wall is cleaned.

After cleaning the centrifugal fan, clean the external interior of the equipment with a dry dishcloth to keep it dry and avoid moisture. In order to prevent the failure of cleaning operation, it is necessary to adopt the correct cleaning method and periodically clean the centrifugal fan. Let it keep beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving, high air volume, high efficiency, compact structure, light weight, small volume and so on.www.jnblower.com