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Reasons for Capacitance Start-up of Axial Fan And specific model specifications

May 04, 2018

1. What is the diameter of the axial fan?

There are two diameters of the axial fan, one is the diameter of the fan shaft, the other is the diameter of the fan outlet. So, if you ask this question, you can not give a specific answer, because I do not know whether the fan shaft diameter or outlet diameter. Moreover, for the axial flow fan of different specifications, there are different shaft diameter and outlet diameter.

2. Is there any difference between the fire exhaust axial fan and the fire pressure axial fan?

Although the axial flow fan and pressurized axial fan are in the main category of axial fan, there are obvious differences between them. The main difference is in the direction of exhaust air and the requirement of fan. Fire exhaust axial fan is to exhaust air, and fire pressure axial fan is to supply air. In addition, the high temperature resistance requirement of fire exhaust axial fan is more strict than that of fire pressure axial fan.

3. Why is it that some axial fans do not need capacitors to start, while others do?

This is because the axial flow fan of 220v has two starting modes, which are capacitive start and cover pole start. The former is based on the capacitor phase shift, the latter is started by the mask pole motor, and the coil in the mask pole motor. There is no need for capacitor phase shift to have current, thus, to drive fan start. This is why this phenomenon will occur.

4.For BT35-11 series explosion-proof anticorrosive axial flow fan, what are its specific specifications?

Bt35-11 series explosion-proof and anticorrosive axial flow fan, which is a specific type and type of axial fan, and its specific specifications are many, for example, no.2.8n. 3.15n.3.55n.3.5n. no. 4.5n. no. 5.6FU no. 6.3no. 7.1no.8n. 9n.10 and no.11.2. the number after the letter refers to the diameter of the fan, for example, no.2.8. the diameter of the fan is 280mmmm.http://www.jnblower.com/