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Relationship and difference between centrifugal fan and non-volute fan

Sep 27, 2018

There are differences between centrifugal fans and other fans, such as centrifugal fans and volute free fans, in terms of structure and performance. Centrifugal fan includes volute centrifugal fan and non-volute centrifugal fan. What usually used is the centrifugal fan with volute.


The full name of the no-volute fan is the non-volute centrifugal fan, which is also called insert fan or static box fan in different situations. In theory, There should be a centrifugal fan without a volute case first, and then a centrifugal fan with a volute case. A volute centrifugal fan should be said to be an upgrade version of the volute free centrifugal fan. However, with the development of technology, in many applications now Back to the centrifugal fan without volute, No volute centrifugal fan has become the upgrade version of centrifugal fan with volute.

The purpose of giving a volute case to a centrifugal fan cover is to increase the fan efficiency of its hydrostatic pressure head and high pressure section. After the volute centrifugal fan is removed from the volute, the hydrostatic pressure head in most areas of air volume is lower than the centrifugal fan with the volute case. The fan efficiency in high pressure area is therefore lower than that of centrifugal fan with volute case.

The static pressure head in part of the wind volume range is higher than the centrifugal fan with volute, and the fan efficiency in low pressure area is higher than that in the centrifugal fan with volute case. After removing the volute, the maximum air volume of centrifugal fan is also increased, which is more favorable to the effect of centrifugal fan.http://www.jnblower.com/