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Relationship between different types of Axial Fan and Start-up condition of Air load

May 16, 2018

1. Is the dfbz model common in axial fans?

Model dfbz axial fan, this is a specific model of axial fan, and the specific meaning of this model, there are relevant regulations and requirements. Among them, "D" means "low noise" and "f" means that the shape of the fan is square. It means that the fan is in the form of wall type, and the latter z means that the type of fan is an axial flow fan. Therefore, if these are unified, This is a low-noise square wall fan for axial flow, corresponding to the specific scope of application. And in the axial flow fan, it is a common model.

2. Static blade adjustable axial flow fan, which is the corresponding axial flow fan?

The static blade adjustable axial flow fan is corresponding to the moving blade adjustable axial flow fan. So, these are the two corresponding categories in the axial fan.

The adjustable axial flow fan with static vane makes the air enter the fan by adjusting the angle of the stator vane to meet the load requirement. Its characteristic is through the fan outside the electric actuator to control, but the fan blade does not rotate. The adjustable axial flow fan of moving blade adjusts the fan flow rate by adjusting the rotor blade angle to meet the fan load requirement. In the energy-saving effect, is moving blade adjustable axial flow fan is better.

3. After installing the roof type axial flow fan, can the ceiling be installed? In addition, what are the conditions under which the axial flow fan starts up under air load?

After installing the roof type axial flow fan, the ceiling can be installed, but consider whether the ventilation of the vent on the ceiling plane can meet the requirements of the axial fan, because if this problem is not properly handled, then, The problem of sloshing is easy to occur in the use of roof axial fan. And the axial fan air-load start-up, generally in the fan load for the case of small load.http://www.jnblower.com/