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Repair and maintenance of ventilator

Sep 26, 2019

1 The maintenance of ventilator is divided into in-operation maintenance and stop maintenance. According to the use of ventilator, the operation conditions, importance and reliability of maintenance form and maintenance cycle are quite different, so the suitable maintenance cycle should be determined. No matter what kind of ventilator, it is best to carry out regular maintenance at least once a year.

2 Regular repairs are usually divided into daily, weekly, monthly, every three months, semi-annual, annually and so on. The maintenance results are also the important data and basis for determining the next maintenance cycle.

3 After the fan is installed and used, the maintenance account shall be established for each typhoon machine to conduct regular maintenance on the basis of this. The maintenance accounts shall indicate the maintenance symbols, main specifications, manufacturer name, incoming date and other major items of the ventilator and its prime mover, and shall also record the maintenance records at each regular maintenance.https://www.jnblower.com/