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Requirements and advantages of centrifugal Fan for Power Station

Aug 13, 2018

In the process of purchase of centrifugal fan in power station, the name and specifications of the fan should be reported to the factory according to its actual situation, as well as the performance parameters of the fan, such as speed, power, wind pressure, air volume, etc. To a certain extent, attention should be paid to the voltage of the centrifugal fan in the power station. In general, the voltage set by the centrifugal fan manufacturer in the production equipment is 380 v. If there is a special demand, the manufacturer can be informed in advance.

Power station centrifugal fans in advance need to ask clearly whether the sale business with silencing box, muffler, soft joints, elbows, rain blinds, insect nets, flange, etc., ask whether the shock absorber is floor or hanging. In order to buy according to their own needs. The location of the installation fan is inspected in advance, and the working environment and working conditions of the fan are described clearly to the manufacturer. According to these conditions, the general manufacturer will provide a set of very good matching scheme.

The centrifugal fan of power station needs to fully consider where its fan box is set up its tuyere position, so it can effectively avoid the installation of the equipment to find the tuyere, at the same time need to design the motor external and built-in. Manufacturers need to be informed whether the reducer, the vibration-absorber seat is e-type d or c type uniform belt. Provide the manufacturer with the direction of rotation and the angle of the outlet and the mode of transmission. These need to be as detailed as possible.