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Requirements for running-in of axial-flow fan

Sep 09, 2019

1 The fan shall be monitored for abnormal phenomena at the start of the fan. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop immediately.

2 When the fan is started, it is strictly forbidden to enter the surge condition.

3 When the fan adjusts the blade after starting, the current shall not exceed the rating of the motor.

4 The normal working temperature of rolling bearing should not exceed 70 ℃, the maximum temperature should not exceed 95 ℃, the highest temperature rise should not exceed 55 ℃, and the normal working temperature of sliding bearing should not exceed 75 ℃.

5 The root mean square vibration velocity of fan bearing should not be greater than 6.3 mm / s. For the fan installed in the housing, the vibration value of the fan can be measured on the housing.

6 After the temperature rise of the main bearing is stable, the running-in time shall not be less than 8 h. Check the tightness of the pipe and the clearance of the blade top after the shutdown.