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Requirements of components for centrifugal fans in the application of desulfurization system

Aug 15, 2017

With excellent performance, centrifugal fans can be used on many occasions, desulfurization system is one of them, because of the centrifugal fan here is mainly used for the operation of boiler flue gas generated, so all the parts it must also meet some requirements. That is to say when the configuration of the centrifugal fan, according to the working conditions and may come into contact with the material.

No matter where, parts of the centrifugal fan is roughly the same, including shell, impeller, couplings, bearings, damper, flange, bolt lifting base, multiple parts. Since we will use equipment into the desulfurization system, that these parts of the material, the structure must be carefully the selection and design.

The centrifugal fan casing should be welded steel plate. The material is ordinary steel. However, at installation time, a drain stub with a diameter of at least 20mm shall be installed at its lower level, and the pipe is provided with a ball valve with nuts in the end to meet the actual requirements.

Blade centrifugal fan impeller in the material should be 16Mn high quality steel, round shell material can be cast, it can ensure stable and reliable operation; here the coupling for flexible coupling, protection device also should comply with the relevant standards, so that it can always maintain a good working condition.

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