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Respective speciality and roles of centrifugal fan with or without volute

Aug 29, 2017

Obviously, the two major components of centrifugal fan are the rotating impeller and volute housing. Since the rotating impeller is responsible for the energy gain from the air, what's the function of the volute? If there is no volute, will the effect of centrifugal fan change?

For centrifugal fans, the function of the volute is to collect air, and the dynamic pressure of the air is effectively converted into static pressure, so that the fan efficiency in the high pressure section of the centrifugal fan is obviously improved. If the volute of centrifugal fan is removed, it becomes no volute centrifugal fan, so most of the static pressure head is lower than the air volume range of centrifugal fan with volute, the fan efficiency in high pressure area is therefore less than the centrifugal fan with volute.

Of course, after removing the volute of centrifugal fan, in static pressure, there will be The static pressure head of a part of the air range is higher than that of the centrifugal fan with volute, that is the fan efficiency in low pressure area is higher than that of a centrifugal fan with volute; and the maximum air volume of the centrifugal fan is also increased.

The most usually used is a volute centrifugal fan, the outlet velocity of this kind of equipment is directional and uneven. If the static regain has not yet fully completed stage had duct steering, will produce a larger energy loss. But if the volute centrifugal fan on the wind changes, it can completely avoid this energy loss.

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