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Role of centrifugal fan in cooling tower

May 07, 2020

The reason why it is called cooling tower is because it plays a cooling role, then it needs to use centrifugal fan in the process of work, perhaps many people will ask, a cooling tower as big as chimney, is it OK to use this small centrifugal fan?

Centrifugal fan factory staff believe that not all parts of the chimney need to use centrifugal fan, centrifugal fan can only be used at the bottom of the cooling tower, if the use of this machine in all parts of the chimney, then how many centrifugal fans are needed. But for the centrifugal fan power requirements, it is necessary to ensure that the chimney input air volume can play a good cooling role.

This gives the centrifugal fan with high power and considerable input air volume a place to use, and the reason why ordinary fans can not be used in this field is for such a reason.