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Safety risks for industrial fans

Jun 05, 2020

1 See if the motor head and parts of the machine will shake at low speed gear, medium speed gear, especially when high speed gear turns.

2 See after a long high-speed rotation (at least 1 hour later) with the hands or other appliances to perceive the industrial fan motor front shell heat, if feel very hot, indicating that the industrial fan motor heat dissipation performance is not good.

3 Look at the speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters (industrial fan speed, power, air volume and noise is proportional, that is to say, the higher the industrial fan speed, the greater the power, the greater the air volume, the greater the noise and the better the local ventilation cooling effect).

4 See if there is an intermittent pause in the high speed rotation of the left and right pendulum head, whether there is a pendulum head is not in place.

5 Big palm industrial fan design new tenon and joint structure connection mode, with real anti-collision function.