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Selection of centrifugal Fan and requirements of its rotational Speed

Aug 09, 2018

In the process of selecting centrifugal fan, the key is the wind pressure. The size and structure of the centrifugal fan are in accordance with the equipment. The structure and material of the fan directly affect the performance and life of the fan. The relevant performance or aging test of the fan should be carried out in the sample test stage. By testing, the fan can be operated under the required environmental conditions and the working life of the fan can be guaranteed.

For the centrifugal fan, the convexity of the separator is directly related to the efficiency of the fan. Because of the convex of the separator, the air flow field is extremely irregular, which makes the pumping effect poor. It is very helpful to improve the pumping efficiency of centrifugal fan by changing the shape of exhaust separator and adopting the form of layout, which is also a widely used method.

The centrifugal fan is forced to transport the air of a certain volume through the rotation of the fan blade of the centrifugal fan. The air volume of different types and different types of centrifugal fan is different and the relationship between the centrifugal fan and the rotational speed is also different. We can do an experiment, with two centrifugal fans of the same model, adjust the speed of two centrifugal fans, one high and one low, put a pressure gauge off the exhaust, and then, under the same conditions, run at the same time, and look at that kind of air volume. As a result, the higher the rotational speed, the stronger the forced air delivery capacity of centrifugal fan and the greater the air volume of centrifugal fan.http://www.jnblower.com/