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Selection of various types of Glass Fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal Fan

May 18, 2019

Fiberglass centrifugal fan is a kind of centrifugal fan made of stainless steel anticorrosive material in shell. When the motor rotates and drives the fan impeller to rotate, the gas between the blades in the impeller also rotates, and the gas is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force. With the increase of gas velocity, the kinetic energy is converted into static pressure energy in the flow, and then with the supercharging of the fluid, the static pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust port.


And a certain negative pressure is formed in the middle of the impeller, and due to the negative pressure of the inlet, the external gas is immediately fed in under the action of the atmospheric pressure, and the gas is continuously discharged and fed into the gas under the continuous rotation of the impeller so as to achieve the purpose of continuous air blowing. The general range of wind pressure and air volume is inversely proportional to the same power. Under the same power, the wind pressure is high, the air volume is relatively low, and the air volume is large, and the wind pressure is lower, so that the work efficiency of the motor can be fully utilized.


With the different uses of fans, the requirements are also different. For example, the fans used in public buildings are generally used for ventilation and ventilation, and the general important requirement is low noise. If the cabinet centrifugal fan with large flow rate is to be obtained, it is generally a double suction type, and for some high pressure centrifugal fans, the relative proportion of leakage loss is generally larger when the specific rotating speed is lower than that of the high pressure centrifugal fan. In the design of cabinet centrifugal fan, the conditions are as follows: volume flow rate, full pressure, working medium and its density, sometimes structural requirements and special requirements.


The requirement for the design of cabinet centrifugal fan is that the working point of satisfying the required flow rate and pressure should be near the high efficiency point, the efficiency value should be as large as possible, the efficiency curve should be flat, the stable working range of the pressure curve should be wide, and the pressure curve should be as large as possible, and the stable working range of the pressure curve should be wide. Secondly, the fan structure is simple, the process is good; the material and accessories are convenient to select; have enough strength, stiffness, safe and reliable work; stable operation, low noise; good adjustment performance, strong working adaptability; In addition, the size of the fan is as small as possible, the weight is light, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the disassembly and transportation is simple and easy.