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Selection requirements and points for attention of centrifugal Fan for Boiler

Jul 19, 2018

The centrifugal fan of boiler is a very technical work in the process of selection. There are many specific methods and many different bases: some are selected according to logarithmic coordinate curve, Some methods are selected according to dimensional characteristic curve or performance table.


When selecting the type of boiler centrifugal fan, it should avoid using the fan in parallel or in series as far as possible, and when it is inevitable, it should choose the same type and the same performance fan to work together. When used in series, there should be a certain connection between the first stage fan and the second stage fan.


Before the boiler centrifugal fan is selected, it should effectively understand the production and quality of its domestic equipment, such as the variety of boiler centrifugal fans, specifications and special uses of various products, the development and promotion of new products, etc. Should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection, in order to select the best fan.


According to the different physical and chemical properties of the gas transported by the centrifugal fan of the boiler, the ventilator for different uses is selected. Such as conveying explosion and flammable gas should be selected explosion-proof ventilator; dust removal or conveying pulverized coal should choose dust or pulverized coal fan; transport corrosive gas should choose anti-corrosion fan; High temperature ventilator should be selected for working or conveying high temperature gas in high temperature field. http://www.jnblower.com/