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Service Life and component requirements of Boiler centrifugal Fan

Sep 08, 2018

During the operation of the centrifugal fan, the main purpose of the boiler centrifugal fan is to adapt to the complete design of the industrial boiler (1~20t/h), which uses all kinds of coal quality and is equipped with the smoke elimination device, where the air intake conditions are the same. The maximum temperature should not exceed 250 ℃. In order to increase the life of the fan, the dust removal device with efficiency of not less than 85% must be installed before the induced fan to reduce the dust content of the flue gas entering the fan.

The centrifugal fan of boiler is mainly composed of impeller, shell, inlet, regulating door, transmission group and so on.

The impeller of the centrifugal fan of boiler has 12 backward plate blades, which is made of 16mn. it is welded between the arc cone wheel cover and the flat plate wheel, and is corrected by static and dynamic balance, so it runs smoothly and has high strength.

The shell of the boiler centrifugal fan is welded with steel plate to form a volute structure, which is bolted to the inlet side of the casing.

The inlet of the boiler centrifugal fan is made into a convergent streamline structure, which is bolted to the inlet side of the casing.

Boiler centrifugal fan transmission group consists of spindle, bearing box, belt pulley and so on. The spindle is made of high quality steel and is made of rolling bearing and water-cooled integral bearing box. Therefore, the water consumption varies with the temperature of the environment. Generally according to 0.5~1m3, the bearing box is equipped with a thermometer and an oil level indicator. Lubricating oil No. 30 oil, lubricating oil using No. 30 oil. Add the amount of oil according to the requirements of the oil level mark.https://www.jnblower.com/