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Some important issues to be taken into account in the design of centrifugal fan

Mar 07, 2019

Because of different working conditions and production requirements, the selection of centrifugal fan equipment needs to be considered comprehensively according to the actual conditions. In order to meet the practical requirements of users, when designing the structure of centrifugal fan equipment, it is also necessary to design it from the user's point of view. First of all, the reasonable selection of blades is a structural form.


Attention should be paid to choosing the appropriate transmission mode, which not only takes into account the requirements for the rotational speed of centrifugal fan equipment, but also takes into account the working environment of the fan equipment at the same time. If the high temperature, dusty working conditions, then the choice of transmission mode also consider the motor, bearing protection and cooling problems. Then there is the choice of the size of the volute. Generally speaking, the size of the volute should be as small as possible.


If the rotation number of centrifugal fan equipment is higher, then it is suggested to choose the shortened worm shape, and the standard worm shape is generally used for the low specific speed fan. Sometimes, in order to reduce the size of volute case, the outlet velocity of volute case is larger than the inlet speed of fan, and the outlet diffuser is used to improve its static pressure value. The next step is to select the outlet angle of the blade. In fact, blade outlet angle is one of the main geometric parameters to be selected in design.


In order to facilitate the distinction and selection, we usually divide the blade of centrifugal fan equipment into the following types: strong backward curved blade (water pump type), backward curved circular arc blade, backward curved straight blade, backward curved wing blade; Radial outlet blade, radial straight blade; forward curved blade, strong forward curved blade (multi-wing blade). At the same time, attention should also be paid to selecting the appropriate number of blades.www.jnblower.com