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Some small skills of correctly using centrifugal Fan

May 30, 2018

Even if you buy a centrifugal fan from a well-known domestic brand, if the user does not strictly follow the instructions in use, it will reduce the use effect of the fan and even shorten the service life of the centrifugal fan. This is also a great loss for users. The correct use of centrifugal fans can not only ensure its effectiveness, but also greatly extend the service life of fans, so many users want to know exactly what is the most correct use. To minimize the damage to the fan? Today we introduce some tips for using centrifugal fans. It is believed that as long as the user grasps these, it can improve the efficiency of fan to a certain extent.

The first use of a centrifugal fan begins with its startup. There are a number of reasons why startup failures or very long startup times can occur. If the motor is not moving, check the set value of the safety mechanism; if the rated power of the motor is too low, replace the motor; If the starting procedure is not correct, the starting device is adjusted; if the power consumption is too high when starting, it is verified that the gas flow control mechanism is in the closing position when starting; If the rotor is jammed, check and investigate the cause of the jam with a hand-driven fan (friction, obstacles, etc.); if the voltage at the connection of the motor is too low, check the power line voltage such as excessive loss, increase the power line.

users often find that impellers are always consuming energy in vain. The leakage of gas between the front cover and the collector forms a cycle of activity. Must maintain a certain gap between the front cover of the centrifugal permeable fan and the collector and between the housing and the shaft. To ensure the reliability of fan rotation. This can alleviate this phenomenon to a large extent.

The most common problem in the use of centrifugal fans is the vibration of the fans. It is not a simple matter to fundamentally solve this problem, but if the speed of the fan is reduced, it is a very good way to do so. The effect of this method is also most remarkable. However, it is necessary for the user to judge what method to use according to the specific circumstances of the fan used to be more reasonable.