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Starting method and Inspection requirement of Axial flow Fan

Apr 01, 2019


The axial flow fan is mainly driven by the motor in the process of operation. When selecting the motor of the axial flow fan, it is hoped that the motor can drive the impeller to reach the rated speed and work normally. The starting of the motor includes the whole process of starting and accelerating. Its starting mode is divided into full pressure start and decompression start.


In order to obtain the specified starting time, the starting method of the motor should be reasonably selected by the axial flow fan, according to the capacity of the power supply network, the requirement of the starting torque of the mechanical load, the characteristics of the motor itself and so on.


At the time of operation, the axial flow fan mainly monitors the current of the motor, the current is not the mark of the fan load, and is also a prediction of some abnormal changes. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the vibration of the motor and the fan is normal and whether there is friction or abnormal sound. The fans running in parallel shall be aware of the operation of the fan in the surge condition. In normal operation, the following environment shall be detected:


1, axial flow fan produces strong vibration or rubbing sound.

2, the current of the motor suddenly rises, and exceeds the rated current of the motor.

3, motor bearing temperature rises sharply.www.jnblower.com