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Stopping of centrifugal Fan Unit

Jul 10, 2019

1 emergency stop

During the trial operation of the unit, it should be stopped immediately and urgently when one of the following conditions occurs. The operation of emergency shutdown is to press the stop button of the main motor, and then carry on the aftercare work after the shutdown.

1)The unit suddenly vibrates strongly and has exceeded the tripping value.

2) there is a scratch or abnormal friction sound inside the body.

3) The occurrence of smoke at any bearing or seal, or a sudden increase in the temperature of a bearing to the alarm value.

4) when the oil pressure is lower than the alarm value and cannot return to normal.

5) The oil pressure level is low, and the phenomenon of air suction is available.

6) the axial displacement value shows obvious continuous growth, when it reaches the alarm value.

2 normal shutdown

1) gradually open the empty valve (or outlet bypass valve) and close the exhaust valve step by step.

2) gradually close the small intake throttle to 20 °~ 25 °.

3) Press the stop button and pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon during the shutdown process.

4) after the unit stops 5~10min, cut off the cooling water of gas cooler and oil cooler.

5) The oil supply can only be stopped after the unit has stopped for 20 minutes or the temperature of the bearing drops below 45 ℃. For units with a floating ring seal, the sealing oil pump must continue to supply oil until the body temperature is below 80 ℃.

After the unit stops, the rotor should be driven 180 °on a regular basis within 2 to 4 hours.www.jnblower.com