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Structural Characteristics of High Temperature Centrifugal Fan

Jul 08, 2020

The high temperature centrifugal fan belongs to the special centrifugal fan, which is used in the high temperature working place. It is widely used in chemical plant industrial production, crude oil, metallurgical industry, casting, electric power engineering, nuclear power plant and other industries.

Structural characteristics of high temperature centrifugal fan:

1.The machine and equipment is composed of impeller, shell, air inlet, motor, RF connector, exhaust fan blade and so on.

2. The impeller is made of high quality galvanized steel plate or cold rolled plate. The blade is designed according to the basic principle of aerodynamic force. The impeller consists of 10 rear-tilt airfoil blades, curved front disk and tablet computer front disk. The raw material is made of thick steel plate with high compressive strength and good application, and is calibrated by strict movement and balance. The gas has excellent performance, high efficiency and stable operation.

3. The air inlet adopts convergent streamline vortex reduction mode, the cyclone damage is small, and the working efficiency of machine and equipment is high.

4. The casing of machinery and equipment is connected with the motor with metal casting parts, the top of the shaft head of the motor is installed with the exhaust fan blade, and the outer inner wall of the metal casting parts is provided with an inlet and outlet socket to reduce the temperature between the metal casting parts and the shaft head to ensure the normal operation of the motor at high temperature.

5. The motor adopts special high temperature motor, and the hydrodynamics of high temperature centrifugal fan adopts high temperature resistant raw material. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high cost-performance ratio.