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Structure and function requirements of centrifugal Fan for Air-Conditioning

Aug 21, 2018

According to the principle that the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, the centrifugal fan of air conditioning can accelerate the gas by using the high speed rotating impeller and then slow down, which can change the flow direction and make the kinetic energy change into potential energy (pressure). In the single stage centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction and changes into the radial direction when the gas flows through the impeller, then enters the diffuser. In the diffuser, the gas changes the flow direction and causes deceleration, which converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. The pressure increase occurred mainly in the impeller, and then in the spreading process. In the multi-stage centrifugal fan, the air flow enters the next impeller with a backflow device, resulting in higher pressure.


Structure of centrifugal Fan for Air conditioning

1. The shell is connected by high quality galvanized plate through bite, which has the shape of aerodynamics, the air inlet is streamlined, and it has good hydrodynamic characteristics, reduces the inlet eddy current and reduces the noise.

2. The impeller of air conditioning centrifugal fan is made of high quality galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy. In the process of operation, the impeller is formed by cold stamping, the blade adopts a strong forward design, the whole blade is calibrated by static and static balance, the operation is stable and the strength is high.


3. The frame of air-conditioning centrifugal fan is made of angle steel and spliced without break. The surface with enough stiffness is sprayed with plastic.


Function of centrifugal Fan in Air conditioning

Therefore, the use of fans in China is very large, almost involving all occasions, not only so some equipment also need fans to auxiliary use to achieve results, air conditioning is a typical example, but most of the use of air conditioning is centrifugal fans, the use of centrifugal fans so that the role of air conditioning to achieve the maximum price. The realization of the value also greatly increased the volume and scope of use of the fan.