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Structure characteristics of centrifugal Fan's flow Collector and Impeller

Dec 20, 2018

In centrifugal fan equipment, the collector and impeller are important components, and the collector is the inlet of centrifugal fan. Its function is to evenly introduce the gas into the impeller when the loss is small. At present, there are four types of flow collector in centrifugal fan, which are cylindrical, conical, arc and nozzle.


Compared with the other two types, the arc collector is more widely used. The hyperbolic collector has less loss and better flow condition of leading airflow into impeller, so it is widely used in high efficiency centrifugal fan. Impeller, for centrifugal fan, is a key component.


At the same time, the size and shape of the impeller itself will directly affect the performance of the equipment. Usually, the impeller is made up of front cover, rear cover, blade and hub, which are welded and riveted. The front cover of the impeller has several types, such as flat front disc, conical front disc and arc front disc.


In centrifugal fan, it can be divided into three types: forward, radial and backward because of the different outlet angles of the blade. At the same speed of the impeller circumference, the greater the blade outlet angle, the higher the pressure. Therefore, two centrifugal fans of the same size and the same speed, the pressure of the forward curved impeller is higher than that of the rear curved impeller.www.jnblower.com