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Test Machine Steps for Air Conditioning Fan

May 27, 2020

For the air-conditioning fans just purchased, after the installation is completed can not be directly put into use, because there is a more important work before use, that is, test machine. The test machine is to ensure the correct installation on the one hand, but also to ensure the normal use in the future. Let's learn about the test steps of air conditioning fan.

1 For the air valve in the air conditioning fan pipe, check if it is open.

2 After the installation is complete, start the test machine. Before starting, check the flexibility of the fan rotation, with the hand to move the blade whether there is clamping friction phenomenon.

3Check air-conditioning fans and adjacent pipes for any remaining items and other debris.

4 personnel should be away from the fan during operation.

5 Start the fan and check that the fan blade steering is in accordance with the rotation mark.

6 After the air conditioning fan is checked and qualified, the test operation will stop after 10-30 minutes, check whether the blade is loose or not, and whether the vibration absorber seat and the bottom connecting bolt are loose or not, after all is normal, it will be officially started and put into operation.